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LETEQ   Leading the World in manufacture, repair, and modification of refiner plate gap sensors. 

   Shown here are some of the sensors which Leteq manufactures new

  These sensors are for pulp refiners from 46 inch to 82 inches in diameter

  Sensors are used to measure the distance between refining plates in a pulp or stock prep refiner. 

  Sensors measure distance (Z) using a magnetic field

  Temperature and vibration measurements may also be    incorporated within the sensor.

  Rebuild TDC Sensors for Metso / Sunds CD 70 76 82, and many other size high yeild, stock prep, and blowline refiners.




Contact Information


    Shaun Lemieux

Postal address
13547 SE 27TH PL, STE 4B, BELLEVUE, WA 98005
Electronic mail
General Information: leteq@aol.com
Time Zone
Pacific Time, US & Canada, GMT -08:00






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